Forty-five years ago a certain North Mercer Junior High, later Islander Middle School, teacher provided an opportunity for us to take on some very unique challenges.  As the years go by we are left wondering how she did it, how WE did it!

Miss Call’s 22 trips with her “courteous, careful, capable and determined” students, WITH US, are regarded as an important part of Mercer Island history. The Cyclemate and Outdoor Fitness feats are remembered and talked about even to this day.

The idea has been raised to commission a permanent piece of artwork, a bronzed actual Cyclemate’s bike, loaded with saddlebags, tent and sleeping bag, mounted on a granite base with map and inscription. A bronze pole with directional flags will identify each trip.

The majestic piece of art will be presented to the City of Mercer Island for permanent display. It will commemorate the feats of hundreds of intrepid kids who rose to extraordinary challenges and made their community proud.

To do this we need your help! The cost of the installed bronze bike on a granite base (approx.. 6’ x 3’, 6 ½ ‘ high) is $36,200.  We would like to fully fund this project ourselves, just as we fully rode, ran, hiked and paddled every inch and met every challenge ourselves!  With efforts to reach out to each Cyclemate, friends and family we are confident we can succeed in time for a June, 2017 dedication.

Contributions can be made by….

Laurie Sutter Lyford

Duane Eng

Cyclemates III From Sea to Sea