We are so close to completing the goal of raising $40,000.00 if you would still like to be part of the effort behind the Cyclemate bronze work, we have roughly $2,000.00 left to go. Remember when you faced that last hill, the final bend in the river, or the few hundred feet to the campsite? We are almost there, and the journey has been grand.


Thank you donors…

Jeffrey  Morgan, Karen Schaps, Arthur Sidel, Cherie Warren, Sandra Haynes, Kayana Hoagland, Mary Ann Stewart, Susan Sturdevant, George Goodstein, Mark Johnsen, Kai Eng, Priscilla McClosky, Andrew Hamp, Sandra Weir, Susan Hall-Dowd, Steve Bondi, Horace & Mary Hall, James & Helen Horrigan, Harriett & John Morton, Peggy Pomeroy, Marcia Zervis, Robert & Sally Still, Chris Brent , Kirby Kauffman, Maiko Hatheway, Bonnie Godfred, Anne Simpson, Patricia Daly, Rick Gnehm, Jane Brahm, Erin Vickers, Amy Scarff, Fran Call, Cece Carr, Laurie Lyford, Duane Eng, Carla Fowler, Alan Israel, Kay Roberson James, Lynn Kaner, Mary Ann Kinner, Brent Larson, Janet McIntosh, Martin Momoda, Loyal Moore, Nancy Bolger Murray, Randy & Hanne Overbeck, Lucia Pirzio-Biroli, Dorothy Simpson, Greg Stewart, Tara Ward and Jack Whiteford, Ginger Howes and Jo Ann Stebbins.